How to Have a Healthy Smile when Going Back to School

For many people, going back to school is a sign of a new year, a new adventure, and more fun to be had. For many kids however, having a healthy smile when going back to school is imperative as well. Making sure that all children have healthy smiles is something that a Santa Clarita dentist strives to achieve, but along with that, is the fact that many children aren’t educated in how to achieve a healthy smile. It’s simple really, and this article will go over just how to do it, and the exact means to really give your child the best smile possible.

For a child that is a toddler and up, they should be going to the dentist and orthodontist twice a year. You should with every single visit tell them the importance of visiting each. You should try to show the child the dental office and get them interested in the sights and sounds at an easy age. There are many dental offices that will cater to children, and they want to create an experience for children that will make them happier.

Now there are other ways to show kids all about teeth, including how they work, what they’re made of, and how to maintain them. There are various crafting projects and other activities that are a great way to help show interest in teeth, and it will help make dental health much easier to understand. There are even Pinterest boards that are great for those who want to educate children.

There are even other ways to incorporate the element of dental health into a child. For example, there are to-do lists that you can create with your child that will help them understand the importance of brushing and flossing. Have them do that on their to-do list, and even get them to read more about teeth since that will help their developing mind. There are many great books that can help children get interested in oral health from a very early age.

For many children, understanding all of this will make the big spurts in their dental health a lot easier, including getting the second set of primary molars, losing teeth, and even having other great things happen. Get them set up for life.

For those that are older, you might have to start seeing an orthodontist along with a Santa Clarita dentist. At the age of 7, it’s determined at that point If they will need braces. Taking advantage of an orthodontic consultation at an early age is definitely a great thing to do.

Along with this though, is the importance of mouth guards. Mouth guards are really important because when those adult teeth come in, you don’t want those to be knocked out, since it’ll be much harder for a child from here on out. If a child is in high-contact sports, do make sure that they have a mouth guard. They will help with jaw health as well, and it can even lower the risk for concussion.

Now, there is also the element of exercising independence. As the bodies start to grow, they will want to try to be different, and it definitely starts to impinge on their oral health. Many people won’t want to have braces cause they look weird, but as a parent it’s important to help them get thrilled with the idea of having them.


All in all, the biggest thing that you need to make sure is that they are having the right habits instilled in them. make sure that they are strong and consistent. Making sure that you check and asking if they do this is a great thing. It can definitely be quite hard as someone grows older, but remember, it’s better to have these habits instilled now. Taking care of your teeth now puts you on the track to a healthier, better life later on, and for parents that are worried about a child’s health, both now and in the future, it’s imperative that you start to instill good habits in them right away, and make sure they’re excited about taking care of their teeth.